How do I plan my projects

Planning steps for a successful project

Choose the right system according to the size of your project and requirements:

    Within the previously selected ekey system (home, multi, or net), select the appropriate fingerprint or keypad according to model and function (such as app-enabled, RFID, or capacity):

    Select the appropriate control unit according to the following criteria:

    Select the appropriate power supply unit:

    Select a suitable interface if required:

    Please note when talking about door openers and motor locks:

    • A door opener is cheap, but it does not block the door. (possibly no insurance cover for burglary)
    • A motor lock locks automatically (mechanically or motor-driven) and opens electrically (motor-driven). Therefore, before buying an ekey access solution, you should make sure that a motor lock or an electric strike is available.
    • For existing doors (without wiring in the door) we will be happy to advise you and find the right retrofit solution for your special ekey project.