Control4 with ekey fingerprint scanners

Smart home with fingerprint scanners for a new living experience

A new living experience thanks to ekey & Control4

Using a building intelligently starts with how you access it. Control your doors and gates with an ekey fingerprint scanner and enjoy the unique convenience of keyless living. The fingers of those authorized to enter undergo a unique matching procedure, which ensures additional security within your home and opens up unimagined new possibilities.

Combine a fingerprint scanner with the numerous benefits of your Control4 system. Together we make it easy for you to control building technology components and even events with your finger.

ekey & Control4

Stored events can be called up by connecting an ekey fingerprint scanner with Control4. hus, the fingerprint scanner next to the door of the home cinema is not only responsible for locking the door, it also dims the light to a certain value, and personalized access to the film collection is released.

Integration options ekey & Control4

Expand your possibilities

Software integration

ekey products are easy to install and administer. If you are using a Control4 controller from the EA-1, CA-1, EA-3 or EA-5 series, ekey offers the option of integration via an Ethernet interface.

2N door station with ekey fingerprint scanner

2N door stations can be easily integrated into the Control4 ecosystem. For additional convenience, ekey offers the right fingerprint scanner modules for your 2N door station.

Application examples for your Control4 system

Enjoy a new living experience with an ekey fingerprint scanner

Exclusive home cinema

With ekey & Control4, you not only control who is allowed to enter your home cinema. Personalized access rights to film databases, light control or even heating and air conditioning can be adapted to the respective user as desired.

Event “Family-friendly home”

Children as young as about six can use the ekey fingerprint scanner, as it recognizes fingers despite growth. Depending on the conditions on site, individual events can be defined for the little ones.