Solutions for connection to smart home systems

ekey makes your house more intelligent.

Integration of ekey fingerprint scanners in building control systems

There is already a wide range of smart home systems available to make your life in the 21st century as comfortable and safe as possible. By using an ekey fingerprint scanner, these systems recognize for the first time, “who” triggers an action. This allows your building to be controlled and organized in relation to specific people.

Discover new possibilities with ekey-Fingerprint:

  • With ekey the house knows which persons are present and which are not in the house.
  • Depending on who enters the house, the fingerprint can not only open the door, but also save a lot of energy by intelligently controlling light, heating and blinds.
  • These options can be configured user-specific – for example, the TV is not switched on if only the children are in the house.
  • Even time-dependent releases can be implemented: For example, the cleaning staff only has access to the house at certain times.

There are hardly any limits to the imagination of the users.

  • For public buildings and companies there is the possibility to log who, when and where entered the building. Also the use as time recording is possible.
  • In addition, the information is available as to whether an authorised finger has been drawn across the reader unit. In the case of an unauthorized person, this information could be used, for example, to switch on the garden lighting and store a camera image from the door camera in an archive.
  • By means of a logic in the building control system, a different command can be triggered with each stored finger.

With ekey-Fingerprint your house can be controlled intelligently:

Your access to the Smart Home

The intelligent use of a building starts at the front door. Thanks to the ekey fingerprint, your smart home knows which person is unlocking. Thus individual events can be created. Depending on who activates the fingerprint, lights, alarm system, heating, blinds, etc. are controlled. How about the shutters go up and your favourite music plays when you get home? Discover the smart possibilities!

The advantages of ekey-Fingerprint in the Smart Home are obvious

Clear identification as the best prerequisite for an optimal home automation system, so that your home knows who is coming home

Most innovative technology

  • Modern access solutions as a feature of progressive buildings
  • Increase in value of the property

      person-specific configuration, e.g.

      • Children: deactivate stove, activate camera in house
      • Light scene control, heating climate control, shading

      Various actions can be triggered with different fingers, e.g.

      • Activating/deactivating the alarm system
      • Check-in and check-out (in the building control system)
      • Opening of door, gate, etc.
      • Switching of various controls

      Access control

      • Knowing who, when and where an action has been triggered by means of a protocol
      • The use as time recording is also possible
      • Information whether an authorized finger was recognized
      • Time-dependent releases, e.g. cleaning staff (Friday from 8-12 o’clock)

      Energy Saving

      • E.g. by controlling entire building tracts
      • Through predefined settings for light, blinds, heating, air conditioning and ventilation
      • Holiday function


      • For young and old – often a decisive criterion!
      • E.g. activating voice control using fingerprint identification

      ekey interfaces for connection to external systems

      ekey CV LAN RS-485

      Detailed information

      ekey CV WIEG RS-485

      Detailed information

      ekey CV KNX RS-485

      Detailed information
      HTML Layer

      Single access solutions.

      ekey home

      Control up to 3 functions with just one fingerprint
      • Up to 99 fingers can be stored
      • 1 to 3 functions controllable (e.g. door, gate and alarm system)
      • Easy operation and central user management directly via the control unit
      • or via the ekey home app (ekey finger scanner integra, ekey finger scanner arte)
      • Optional: access with transponder (RFID) possible
        (additionally up to 99 transponders storable)
      HTML Layer

      Multiple access solutions.

      ekey multi

      Up to 4 fingerprints are managed by one control unit
      • Up to 99 fingers can be stored
      • Each fingerprint up to 4 functions controllable (eg door, gate, and alarm system)
      • Time window individell programmable
      • Access log via each fingerprint
      • Easy operation and central user management directly from the control unit
      • Person-related assignment of rights possible (local and temporal)
      • Vacation or permanent program
      • Optional: Access with transponder (RFID) possible
        (additionally up to 99 transponders storable)
      HTML Layer

      Network access solutions.

      ekey net

      The networkable access solution for companies, associations and discerning households.
      • each finger scanner store up to 2000 fingerprints
      • supports up to 80 finger scanners
      • can be used to control up to 4 functions
      • programmable time slots
      • Zutrittsprotokoll über jeden Fingerprint
      • access log recording for every finger scanner
      • supports cross-site administration
      • calendar funczion
      • Optional: Access with transponder (RFID) possible.
        (additionally up to 2,000 transponders storable)

      Driver download

      Alexander Maier GmbH

      >>> ekey driver download


      >>> Intermark Srl driver plug-in on demand per e-mail

      AXIS Communication GmbH

      >>> Information

      b.a.b-technologie gmbh

      >>> Information

      BECKHOFF Automation GmbH

      >>> Information

      Crestron International

      >>> Creston Application Market

      Embedded Systems SlowenienA

      >>> ekey biometric scanner interconnection with LM

      everHome – Smarthome in der Cloud

      >>> Information

      Gira – Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG

      >>> Information

      Habitron GmbH

      >>> Information

      HMI-Master GmbH


      Ingenieurbüro Berg 

      >>> Information

      iRidium mobile

      >>> ekey module iRidium 3.0

      KNX Partner

      >>> Information

      Smart Home manufacturers at a glance

      ekey can be connected to a variety of smart home services.
      You simply link the fingerprint to the respective system via an ekey interface converter (LAN/UDP, WIEGAND, or KNX) and you can activate events with your finger.

      Below you will find an overview of all smart home systems and building control systems that can be connected to an ekey-Fingerprint. Just click on the logo and learn more about the respective manufacturer.

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