Solutions for connection to smart home systems

ekey makes your house more intelligent

With the fingerprint scanner into the smart home

The new generations of fingerprint scanners can do more than just open the door. When combined with an ekey fingerprint scanner, smart home systems recognize who triggers an action.

This means that buildings can be controlled and organized based on a particular person. And with the various stored fingers, different actions can also be controlled. Depending on who activates the fingerprint scanner, the lights, alarm system, heating or blinds are activated, for example.

ekey offers several solutions for connecting the fingerprint scanners to a wide variety of smart home systems:

ekey bionyx API

The ekey bionyx API is aimed at smart home providers and system integrators and enables the connection of ekey fingerprint scanners to third-party systems.

For more information on the ekey bionyx API, ekey has set up a developer forum at

HTTP(S) requests

With an HTTP(S) request, the ekey access control system can be connected to almost any smart home system. HTTP(S) requests can be created in the ekey bionyx app and subsequently assigned to users or fingers.

For more information on HTTP(S) requests, ekey has set up a developer forum at