Discover the ekey dLine!

Fingerprint scanner for door leaf and handle

ekey dLine — Your advantages as processor

With ekey dLine, building access is given a smart upgrade with new functions, intuitive touch operation, and simple administration via the ekey bionyx app. The access control system proves itself with numerous arguments.

  • The door becomes smart
    Additional functions and access to the smart home world
  • State-of-the-art technology
    Patented algorithm and touch sensor
  • Uniform operating concept
    All new ekey products are managed via an app
  • Update options
    The system can be updated and expanded at any time with new features and devices
  • One fingerprint scanner and one control unit for all applications
    Smallest possible design for door leaf and door handle for a harmonious appearance
  • Plug & play system
    The ekey dLine is ready to plug in
  • Flexibility with motorized locks
    The system offers provider-independent application options
  • Remote diagnosis
    Invitation to the customer’s system via app to carry out maintenance work remotely without having to travel

ekey dLine — The system

1 ekey dLine fingerprint scanner + design element
2 ekey dLine fingerprint scanner control unit cable
3 ekey dLine control unit + mounting plate
4 ekey dLine control unit motorized lock cable
Optional component: only required if there is no cable supplied with the motorized lock.
5 ekey dLine cable transfer

Optional accessories:
6 ekey dLine control unit cable transfer cable
Optional component: only required if no ekey dLine cable transfer is used.
7 ekey power supply

ekey dLine — The technical highlights

Individual overall appearance

  • Thanks to a super compact design, the door design is in the foreground.
  • The design elements can be flexibly adapted to the required design.

Flexibility in built-in fitting

  • One fingerprint scanner and one control unit for all applications – whether door leaf or door handle.
  • Easy mounting thanks to a plug & play system.

Updates and maintenance

  • The easy update option during operation guarantees the highest possible security: always equipped with the latest software as well as additional functions and ongoing further development.

ekey dLine in the door leaf – in pictures

ekey dLine in the door handle – in pictures

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