Smart building control with ekey and Eltako

A relaxed start to the end of the day

Using a building intelligently starts with how you access it. Control your doors and gates with an ekey fingerprint scanner and enjoy the unique convenience of keyless living. The fingers of those authorized to enter undergo a unique matching procedure, which ensures additional security within your home. Combine your ekey fingerprint scanner with the numerous benefits of Eltako. In this way, you can easily activate building technology components with your finger using the fingerprint scanner.

Application examples for your smart home

Coming home and with just the touch of a finger the door opens, the blinds go up, the light turns on, and the alarm system is disabled. This saves trips and optimizes activities:

Rainy evening without fingerprint scanner

Groceries in hand, you look for your keys. After you finally find them, you unlock the door and turn on the light. Then you quickly have to go to the alarm system to disable it. Only then do you really arrive at home – only to find that the hastily placed shopping bags have fallen over and the floor is also covered in wet shoeprints.

Rainy evening with fingerprint scanner

Groceries in hand, you come home. Simply place your finger on the fingerprint scanner and the door is unlocked, the light switches on and the alarm system is disabled. Relaxed, you can put down the groceries, take off your wet shoes and arrive in your own four walls and enjoy the end of the day.